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If you install your Rainman, the Rainman control panel is an optional accessory designed to provide a highly presentable and functional interface. If you prefer a minimalist control setup, the control panel is not required. It adds a number of convenient features to allow for simpler access and remote control.


Flush Mount
Cut a space out on a surface for a flush mounted control panel. All plumbing and wiring will be behind the panel, making for a very neat installation.

Standalone Enclosure Box
No space for a cutout? The panel comes with an enclosure box that can be easily screwed or glued on the bottom, either side, or rear. This provides maximum flexibility on the installation location.

External Hatch
If you wish to mount your control panel externally, we offer an optional hatch adapted for your control panel to be flush mounted.


Installing the Rainman control panel will not only create a neat and tidy remote management of your watermaker, but it provides a number of feature enhancements to the normal user experience.


AutoflushIf you have the optional Rainman autoflush system, the power switch will not only turn the pressure supply unit (PSU) on and off, but has a third position that will trigger a flush cycle and reset the flush timer to a seven day countdown.

The flush timer box is unpowered when the watermaker is operating, which ensures a flush cycle will not accidentally be initiated.

An extension of the blue LED timer indicator is included in the control panel. This shows how many days until the next flush cycle is scheduled.


Salinity Sensor

The control panel has an integrated salinity sensor with a tri-colour LED to indicate water quality.

Red – High TDS – Don’t use product water

Yellow – Medium TDS – Good to drink but RO membranes may be wearing

Green – Good TDS – Okay to route water to your tank

Off – No TDS reading – Product water is not flowing


low pressure gauge

Gauge to monitor pressure at the outlet of the prefilter. So long as pressure is at least 0.2 bar (2.5psi), sufficient water is flowing to the high pressure pump.


  • Durable injection moulded, UV resistant, ASA acrylic
  • Valve / gauge control as per current Naked Rainman system
  • Integrated tri-colour LED product water quality indicator
  • Low pressure gauge indicates when to change prefilter
  • Autoflush triggers upon shutdown
  • Panel requires only low voltage wiring
  • Panel dimensions: 280 x 280mm (11 x 11″), cutout size 250 x 250mm (9.9 x 9.9″)
  • Enclosure dimensions: 280 x 280 x 151mm (11 x 11 x 6″)
  • Backwards compatible with existing Rainman systems (some parts update required)
  • Compatible with either Naked or Cased system (minor modification for cased RO unit)


We invested significant design effort into making the installation as simple as possible. When purchased with a new system, there will be no high pressure fittings or AC wiring to the panel. Just a few color coded Duetsch plugs for wiring and some pushfit plumbing lines for the water routing.

[ Detailed Installation Instructions ]

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